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GiliSoft USB Lock 3.0

GiliSoft USB Lock safeguards your data from being copied to an external device
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If you keep important information on your computer's hard disk, you probably want to keep it safe. Nevertheless, the task of safeguarding your data is becoming increasingly difficult with the appearance of sophisticated external devices. Gilisoft USB Lock comes to solve this problem. This software is capable of blocking unauthorized access to your data by all kinds of external devices, like USB drives, external HD drives and CD/DVD burners.

During installation, the application will ask you to provide a password, which will be used as a key to accessing its various functions. This password is stored not only locally but in the cloud, so in case you forget it, you will be able to retrieve it using your email address.

The software offers two levels of protection: disabling reading from a device (USB drive or CD/DVD) or blocking writing to it.

Although blocking access to data from external devices is this application's main feature, this is not its only function. It also offers to lock unwanted web navigation. Thus, you may choose to disable your network adapter to cut all sorts of network access to your computer. Otherwise you may also provide a list of forbidden web sites with the additional security measure of preventing users from changing the IP address. Another set of options will let lock specific programs, like Registry Editor and Task Manager. And you may even lock other I/O devices, like printers, modems, Bluetooth, etc.

In general, GiliSoft USB Lock is a useful application, but it will not prevent access to your computer by expert users, who will probably manage to overrule this program's actions by accessing your operating system's directives.

Pedro Castro
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  • It includes a comprehensive set of security options


  • It will not prevent overruling security measures by expert users
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