GiliSoft USB Lock

GiliSoft USB Lock 5.6

It lets you protect and control the access to USB and CD drives
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GiliSoft USB Lock is a handy application that allows you to prevent data leak by blocking or restricting the access to the USB ports of a computer. Therefore using USB drives (USB flash sticks, external hard disks, smartphones connected through USB to the computer, etc.) to steal data or hack a computer will no longer be possible.

GiliSoft USB Lock not only allows for controlling the access to the USB ports of a computer, but it also provides handy additional security-related features like the possibility to block the access to certain websites or applications. It can also lock optical drives and disable reading from DVD/CD discs or make the DVD/CD burner read-only. It also lets you block the access to certain Windows features like the Task Manager. As you can see, GiliSoft USB Lock is actually a complete security solution meant to enhance your data protection level in a simple yet effective manner.

GiliSoft USB Lock is also easy to use. Its interface is simple and straightforward, so it can be used even by complete beginners. I also like the handy white list function that lets you except specific devices from the list of blocked ones. The self-protecting password required to access and operate this program is also a welcome addition.

In conclusion, GiliSoft USB Lock is a nice tool that offers plenty of handy security functions. Though initially its price seemed rather high, seeing how much this tool has to offer makes the price look rather reasonable in the end.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports white lists
  • Can also lock websites and programs
  • Accessing it requires entering a password


  • No offline help is included
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