GiliSoft USB Lock

GiliSoft USB Lock 6.2

It allows you to lock your PC's USB ports among other security functions
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Gilisoft USB Lock is a versatile software tool whose main function is allowing you to lock the access to USB ports of your PC. This means that even if others have physical access to it, they won't be able to extract data from it using USB devices such as pen drives, external disks, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc. The program requests the password you provided at installation stage to unlock the USB ports.

Gilisoft USB Lock, however, provides much more than simple USB ports protection. It also offers other helpful security functions like websites, programs and devices lock. You can create a list of restricted websites the users of your PC won't be able to browse and you can even prevent them from changing your system's IP address. Similarly, you can also create a list of restricted programs the users won't be able to execute until you unlock them and you can disable some Windows utilities like the registry editor and the task manager too. Finally, you can also restrict the usage of remote devices such as printers, modems, Bluetooth/infrared devices, and those connected to your PC's serial or parallel ports.

Besides the mentioned features, Gilisoft USB Lock also logs the information about the USB activity and the allowed/denied access and allows you to visualize those logs whenever you need to. Moreover, you can change the password and registered e-mail address at any time and tweak the security settings of the program. Namely, you can set the program to send an e-mail notification and/or temporarily ban your login account when a user enters a wrong password 5 times, and to automatically show the password dialog box when a user inserts a USB device, giving authorized users the chance to temporarily unlock a USB port.

To sum it all up, Gilisoft USB Lock is a practical and lightweight tool that not only allows you to protect your USB ports, but also offers you other helpful security features to protect your entire system. The only drawback I could find for this tool is that, inexplicably, some times it takes more than a minute for the program to run or at least that happened on my testing several times.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to lock websites, programs and devices besides USB ports
  • Logs the information about allowed and denied accesses
  • Automatically bans your account after 5 wrong login attempts
  • Capable of sending e-mail notifications


  • It might take more than a minute for the program to run sometimes
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