GiliSoft USB Lock

GiliSoft USB Lock 4.1

Enable or disable the reading and writing of the peripheral devices of your PC
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GiliSoft USB Lock is a very useful application that allows you to protect and control the access to USB and CD drives, websites, programs, and other devices from your computer - only local devices. Although administrator privileges are required to install and run the application, and no help is included, the program is easy to configure and operate.

You just need to set an administrator password and select which devices will be enabled or disabled. For example, if you want to disable writing to USB drives, you just need to select the "USB & CD Lock" option from the Control Panel, and check "disable Writing to USB Disk". As the example previously mentioned, you can also enable or disable reading and burning DVD/CD disks, disable printers, modems, COM and LPT ports, Bluetooth ports, 1394 ports, and network adapters; you can also restrict the access to the Task Manager, Remote Desktop Connection, and specific websites; prevent the changing of IP addresses, and block unwanted programs.

One of its advantages is that you can set the password dialog to auto pop-up whenever somebody tries to access any disabled device and automatically send alarm notifications to e-mail. Also, you can use your e-mail to retrieve the administration password if you forgot it.

So, with this tiny application you can take control of the peripheral devices of your PC and easily prevent users from opening unwanted programs and Websites.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Enable/disable the access to peripheral devices, Task Manager, Registry editor, Websites
  • Enable/disable the reading and writing of USB drives
  • Automatically send alarm notifications to email


  • Administrator privileges are required to install and operate the application
  • No help is included
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