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GiliSoft USB Lock 7.0

Prevent data theft by disabling reading and writing operations
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Gilisoft USB Lock is intended to prevent data theft by disabling reading and writing operations. The program works by blocking access to most I/O devices, including USB, which is probably the most widely used nowadays. It also restricts access to various websites as well as programs.

Access to the program is controlled by a password that you should provide during its installation. However, you can change it later if you need to. As a precaution in the event, you forget your password, the tool allows retrieving it via your email address. Unfortunately, the tool does not allow using strong passwords, as only alphanumeric characters can be entered. However, if an intruder attempts to use a wrong password five times, the program can automatically ban access for ten minutes and send a notification message to your email.

It seems the developers of Gilisoft USB Lock have thought in every conceivable way of stealing or infiltrating data into your computer. Thus, it can block access not only USB devices but also optical media and floppy drives. Likewise, it can prevent the use of Android and iPhone devices as well as SD card readers.

You may argue that it is still possible to use a Cloud service to upload and download data. This is already covered, too. The program can restrict the access to specific websites. Likewise, it does not allow unauthenticated users to change the computer´s IP address. Another way to avoid intrusions is by disabling some programs, such as the Registry editor and the Task Manager. Similarly, it can restrict the use of remote desktop connections. Finally, Gilisoft USB Lock is also effective in preventing data output via a printer, modem, COM and LPT ports, infrared, Bluetooth and IEEE 1394 devices.

In general, Gilisoft USB Lock seems to be effective in preventing information leaks. The program works smoothly without using too many system resources. Unfortunately, there are some typos in its interface.

Pedro Castro
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  • Disables practically every way of leaking data from your computer
  • Allows retrieving lost passwords
  • Restricts access after unsuccessful login attempts


  • Weak passwords
  • Some typos in the interface
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