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GiliSoft USB Lock 8.0

Protect your disc drives and your external storage devices by locking them
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Instead of locking your entire PC with a password to prevent unwanted visitors to use your computer and steal your data, GiliSoft USB Lock offers you a more flexible solution that allows you to disable access to specific files, folders, drives, devices, websites, programs, etc. All you need is a master password, and make sure you don’t forget it.

That is the first thing you’ll be asked to do, to choose a strong master password. You’re also advised to add an e-mail address to retrieve it in case you forget it – otherwise, you won’t be able to recover control over your locked files, drives, or devices ever again.

Despite the program’s name, GiliSoft USB Lock is not intended to disable USB drives only. Actually, USB activity is just one of the various options provided – you can also disable CD/DVD drives, SD card readers, Android and iPhone connections, and non-system drives. When it comes to online access, you can restrict access to specific sites, as well as make sure that neither your IP address nor your Network Adapter are changed or disabled without your consent.

You can also lock access to individual apps and programs, and disable the Registry Editor, the Task Manager, and the Remote Desktop Connection to avoid any changes in these sensitive components. Finally, you can also disable and enable printers, modems, as well as COM & LPT, 1394 connectors, Infrared, and Bluetooth connections, if they happen to exist on your computer. The program provides you with a set of reports and logs about your enabling/disabling activities, together with a “white list” to include all those elements that you wish to leave open.

GiliSoft USB Lock is an excellent software tool to protect only those components and items on your PC or laptop that may compromise your data and/or your privacy. It is this high level of flexibility that makes it stand out from most of its competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Can lock websites and software programs
  • Enable and disable devices
  • Includes configurable security options
  • Locks CD and DVD drives
  • Can disable USB ports


  • Does not checks the strength of the master password
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